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4 min readJul 12, 2021

Just What Kind Of Writer Is The ENFP?

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I decided to use MBTI as a system of trying to help new writers find their voice and style. If you don’t know what the MBTI is or you need a quick overview click for my intro article here.

I think that personality has a big influence on writing, understanding your personality will be key to understanding how to come across to others. There are many writers who have become popular based on the personality of their writing style, this is often referred to as voice. A writer’s voice can be incredibly magnetic and engaging.

Think about it like this, if you were stuck on a long bus ride with someone you’d rather them be interesting enough to listen to or boring enough to lull you to sleep. You never want to be in the middle. Writers will die by being lost in the pack. How should you stand out? By understanding what makes you unique, what is your flavor or style. Understanding this as a new writer will help you understand what kind of audience to attract, and what kind of things to write.

I am absolutely not saying that you should base your entire writing career in a multiple choice personality test. In fact there could be incredible value in doing exactly the opposite of what you’re comfortable with. For new writers, however, it’s best to learn to walk before you run.

Please use this as a guide to suggest a direction and don’t take this as gospel.

Note: For the MBTI experts.

I am not breaking type down by cognitive functions, or even the letters. I think these things are nuts and bolts details that are for those interested, not everyone. Type descriptions should be fluid and comprehensive to better understand the whole archetype of character.

Type overview:

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The ENFP loves everything new. I have heard that they are like an old man or woman who has seen it all and wishes to see something new about the world. They want to see and learn as much as possible about the world in their limited time on this planet.

Unlike the ENTP the ENFP loves learning new perspectives about people not things.

When interacting with others they will be very engaging and affable. They will likely be good at making others feel very comfortable to talk to them almost as if they had known the ENFP for years. This will lead to people sharing things with the ENFP that may surprise even themselves.

This makes ENFPs happy because they love to learn about people especially when it is an interesting detail or quirk that separates them from the crowd.

Examples of famous celebrities:

Ellen DeGeneres, Mark Twain, Steve Martin, Sandra Bullock, Shailene Woodley, Kat Dennings, Hunter S Thompson, Chuck Palahniuk, John Green.

What kind of writer are they?

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The ENFP loves to learn about people and this can help them greatly in being storytellers. Their stories are often filled with interesting and colorful characters that readers will remember.

ENFP make excellent journalists since they naturally connect with others and make people feel comfortable enough to share the intimate details of their life with them.

This is a personality that excels at communication and the sharing of stories.

Advice to the writer:

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Perhaps the biggest obstacle in an ENFPs life is their inability to finish a task. A project as demanding as a novel or even a blog demands consistent and dedicated efforts. ENFP like to learn new things and start new projects but they don’t stick around for very long.

They would benefit from learning from someone who has dedicated themselves to their craft and has honed their skills over the years through dedicated practice and effort.


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The ENFP is a personality that loves to communicate and learn from all kinds of different people. They tend to be very good at making others feel comfortable sharing with them.

They may have a problem being too concerned with novelty and chase after the next new thing without sticking to anything.




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