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Just What Kind Of Writer Is The INTP?

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I decided to use MBTI as a system of trying to help new writers find their voice and style. If you don’t know what the MBTI is or you need a quick overview click for my intro article here.

I think that personality has a big influence on writing, understanding your personality will be key to understanding how to come across to others. There are many writers who have become popular based on the personality of their writing style, this is often referred to as voice. A writer’s voice can be incredibly magnetic and engaging.

Think about it like this, if you were stuck on a long bus ride with someone you’d rather them be interesting enough to listen to or boring enough to lull you to sleep. You never want to be in the middle. Writers will die by being lost in the pack. How should you stand out? By understanding what makes you unique, what is your flavor or style. Understanding this as a new writer will help you understand what kind of audience to attract, and what kind of things to write.

I am absolutely not saying that you should base your entire writing career in a multiple choice personality test. In fact there could be incredible value in doing exactly the opposite of what you’re comfortable with. For new writers, however, it’s best to learn to walk before you run.

Please use this as a guide to suggest a direction and don’t take this as gospel.

Note: For the MBTI experts.

I am not breaking type down by cognitive functions, or even the letters. I think these things are nuts and bolts details that are for those interested, not everyone. Type descriptions should be fluid and comprehensive to better understand the whole archetype of character.

Type overview:

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The INTP is a very logical and systematic type of person. In fact they will often have their own system, this will be their primary way of understanding the world.

They understand the world as a system of rules and propositions. You will often see them systematize information as they receive it.

One easy way to spot this type is typically the person who is constantly trying the define the terms of the person they are speaking with, and will typically take great pains to define the terms of what they are saying.

They live for abstract theories, and will love to learn about new things like the ENTP. However, the INTP is more likely to have their own set of interests and will have an easier time finding them than the ENTP would.

Examples of famous celebrities:

Noam Chomsky, René Decartes, Hannah Arendt, Immanuel Kant

What kind of writer are they?

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These writers will typically gravitate toward the sciences in some way.

As a science fiction writer they typically go for the hard science fiction which requires a greater depth of knowledge of scientific facts and principles.

They will enjoy thinking about ‘what ifs’ and their readers will enjoy thinking about all of the possibilities that the INTP is proposing.

Advice to the writer:

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This writer will be great at understanding and proposing very abstract and far off theories, but this person is also torn off from reality. They are in danger of ivory tower thinking that no one understands or cares to listen to.

They will benefit from knowing a person who can help them relate to others and get them out of their head and in the real world every once and a while.


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The INTP is an excellent theorist, but not always such a great conversationalist. They will need to look past their natural ability for clear and detached thinking and look more to relate to people in a rawer emotional sense if they want their writing to improve.




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