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3 min readJul 12, 2021

Just What Kind Of Writer Is The ISTP?

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I decided to use MBTI as a system of trying to help new writers find their voice and style. If you don’t know what the MBTI is or you need a quick overview click for my intro article here.

I think that personality has a big influence on writing, understanding your personality will be key to understanding how to come across to others. There are many writers who have become popular based on the personality of their writing style, this is often referred to as voice. A writer’s voice can be incredibly magnetic and engaging.

Think about it like this, if you were stuck on a long bus ride with someone you’d rather them be interesting enough to listen to or boring enough to lull you to sleep. You never want to be in the middle. Writers will die by being lost in the pack. How should you stand out? By understanding what makes you unique, what is your flavor or style. Understanding this as a new writer will help you understand what kind of audience to attract, and what kind of things to write.

I am absolutely not saying that you should base your entire writing career in a multiple choice personality test. In fact there could be incredible value in doing exactly the opposite of what you’re comfortable with. For new writers, however, it’s best to learn to walk before you run.

Please use this as a guide to suggest a direction and don’t take this as gospel.

Note: For the MBTI experts.

I am not breaking type down by cognitive functions, or even the letters. I think these things are nuts and bolts details that are for those interested, not everyone. Type descriptions should be fluid and comprehensive to better understand the whole archetype of character.

Type overview:

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The ISTP personality type is a cool-headed and realistic type of person.

They view the world in a systematic way, they see the world is made up of rules and assumptions they we all have the make sense of.

The ISTP will be good at breaking a problem down to first principles. They can reach the heart of the problem very quickly.

Examples of famous celebrities:

Clint Eastwood, Kristen Stewart, Bill Murray, Scarlett Johansson

What kind of writer are they?

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As I said above these people as writers will be good at breaking problems down to its most granular level.

This means that as writers they will be excellent at explaining things, even highly complex detailed things, very well.

The danger is that the spartan approach the ISTP has to language may backfire and they may explain something that makes perfect sense to them in as few words as possible and they will not consider if others will understand it as easily.

Advice to the writer:

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The ISTP needs to understand that others may not know what they’re talking about even when they have explained as clearly as they think they could. It’s not always ideal to say things with absolute efficiency when it comes to communication.

The ISTP needs to find someone who is very communicative and can help them understand how their message will be received.


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The ISTP is cool headed and pragmatic. They may have trouble knowing how they are coming across to other people and could need someone to help them with this.




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